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    Tips for having a successful phone interview

    Nowadays, phone interview is becoming more and more popular as it is a time saving method for both the employer and the candidate. To make a good impression to the employer in this interview, you should follow the “golden rules” as follow:
    Tips for having a successful phone interview
    1. Don’t try to be surprised and refuse to answer the interview:
    If the employer makes a phone call to you for an interview or to make clear some information, don’t express your surprise about this. It is a mistake if you speak to the employer that you are busy and you are not ready to answer the phone interview, or you are at such an uncomfortable place to answer the interview…
    2. Choose a quiet place:
    When answering a phone interview, you should choose a quiet place to be able to hear clearly everything the employer speaks and any question he asks you. You will make a bad impression if you ask the employer to repeat the question or what he is saying for many times due to such reasons as the call is intercepted by noise.
    A phone interview may last from 10 minutes to 1 hour depending on the purposes of the employer and the job position you are applying for.
    3. Be prepared:
    Make your mind firm and prepare carefully basic knowledge to “score” in front of the employer. Paying attention to relevant issues such as your resume you can edit your resume with professional resume editing services, job description, your experience, relevant skills to the job and company information, etc.
    Finally, don’t forget to prepare a pen and a paper to note down anything remarkable as well as the main points of the employer’s questions.
    If you use a mobile phone, don’t forget to charge it full as it will be really bad if the interview is interrupted for the phone is out-of-charge.
    4. Be energetic and happy in the interview:
    During the phone interview, you must be firm and friendly, interested with a happy and enthusiastic voice.
    Even when you are asked such a difficult question, you shouldn’t answer the employer in a discontented way, for example: Why do you ask me this? This question is not suitable, so I can’t answer; what are you thinking to ask me such a question?
    On the contrary, a happy, contented, and clear voice will be one of your advantages in the future.
    5. Don’t forget to say “Thank you”:
    After the interview, don’t forget to say “thank you” to the employer. Also, say that you are very interested and like the recruitment position. And finally, ask the employers what to do next.