Roku Customer Support - Troubleshoot Roku Issues

Do you have a Roku device? Then, obviously, you might be in need of setting up and troubleshooting guide for your Roku. If you have done your set up but your Roku is troubling you with some difficulties, you need not go to any service center which might be far away from your home. You can simply follow our instructions and your device will get ready to stream the nonstop content.

Before that Get Roku Customer Support

How to Troubleshoot Roku Issues

To learn How to troubleshoot Roku issues on your TV, observe the instructions correctly and pursue the guidelines.

Problem with the Video?

If you cannot watch the video from your Roku TV, then check whether you have selected the appropriate input for your TV. Sometimes, your video cable may not be properly connected. Check whether you connect it well and ensure that there is no fault in your cable

Trouble with the Audio?

On the other hand, if you cannot hear the audio but able to watch the video, then check whether the input source is correctly plugged. If yes, but still couldn’t listen to the audio, go to settings from your home screen of Roku TV and then change the audio settings to Stereo or Dolby Digital.

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