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    In the list of fruits in gardens Tra Vinh indispensable Left guo. The guo is the results like the most famous and has become the specialty of Tra Vinh, Vietnam. Left Guo growing in popularity in Bridge Embankment, coming here, tourists have Vietnam visa on arrival will easily see the orchards, luxuriant, in the trees lush, there are interposed the canopy guo radiate wide, high range 7m, under the foliage green is the left guo round vo as balls dangling. Results guo testaceous, gray variegated, the seeds small, white, li ti. Left when still young are gray-green, day by day, fruit, grey as dark to when ripe, it has gray-brown. Results guo nine as big as a grapefruit kind of small.
    To the guo nine, under a tree rolling around the left guo round vo, guo nine self-loss without the need of people hard to climb picking. According to the people here, the guo new shed shell is still very hard, meat is not tasty, that want to eat guo delicious have to wait another 3 – 5 more days to go guo ripe enough, peel soft start out, at this new food delicious. Guo at this time, easily fill out, meat guo have the beads white moon had turned from white to brown, as to long brown darker, the taste also according to that bold up, the smell more and more in the warm dark. Meat guo taken gave the stones make wonderful refreshment on hot sunny days. Meat guo soft, aromatic, sweet air taste sour flavor, easy to drink, easy to addictive.
    In addition to dishes guo gave stone is also a kind of wine guo, juicy, nutritious, even women also can drink. Drink this is drink is people Tra Vinh very popular and often used for hospitality show the hospitality of his.
    Guo soak the wine must be the result nine scad. People can take the meat out to soak with rice wine, glutinous or additional results to shell soak, or to the raw results just chisel a few holes and then soaked with alcohol. Which way is depending on the preference of the soak. Over time soaked alcohol, out for the wine Quach brown in, the smell of guo bring the sweet sour of guo very easy to drink. Wine guo drink before each meal with a small amount of help to increase the taste, laxative, for kidney and very good for health.
    Source: Dat phong khach san