Short Course in Geospatial Data Extraction and Visualization

This online resource teaches basic geospatial data visualization to those with limited programming backgrounds.

  1. Geospatial data
  2. Jupyter Notebook
  3. Tutorial

Analysis and modeling of geospatial datasets can be a daunting task due to the volume of data stored in many different file formats, especially without having much experience with programming. 

This online resource contains materials designed to teach people with limited programming experience how to manipulate various geospatial data to make them more accessible and usable. Additionally, various interactive modeling and analysis tools will be used to supplement and visualize the data.

Each module contains background information about some commonly used geospatial data formats to first establish a basic understanding of the data type and its uses. Basic python examples are included to demonstrate some frequently used data manipulation and extraction commands. Python jupyter notebooks along with demonstration files will be provided as a tutorial to develop a stronger foundation for geospatial data analysis. The notebooks provided are in no way a tool to satisfy all geospatial data visualization but are intended to be a block other people can build upon.