Team to Present about GABBs Project to Campus Champions on October 31, 2018

Dr. Carol Song, Purdue University and Dr. Jack Smith, Marshall University, will present to the Campus Champion community as part of an ongoing Tech Talk Series hosted by the Champions program. The presentation, Geospatial Software Building Blocks Powering Science Gateways, is part of the GABBs Project outreach efforts to engage a broader community of researchers, faculty, students and members of the cyberinfrastructure community.

Geospatial Software Building Blocks Powering Science Gateways


As the generation of geospatial data is permeating through today’s world, the use of geospatial data is rapidly increasing in scientific research, especially in cross- and interdisciplinary research. Due to the complexity of geospatial data (e.g., diverse data sources, formats, sizes, resolutions, domain-specific metadata, and so on), researchers need to have significant knowledge of relevant tools and software in order to utilize geospatial data for their computation and data analyses. The GABBs (Geospatial Data Analysis Building Blocks) project has added geospatial data capabilities to the HUBzero science gateway platform, providing users with the means to managing, sharing, processing and publishing geospatial data by themselves in an easy-to-use cyberinfrastructure environment. GABBs caters to a range of user expertise with a combination of automated processing, context-specific visualization capabilities, wizard-like interfaces and extensible toolkits for custom tool development. In this presentation, we will describe the key capabilities of GABBs, examples of scientific applications from different domains that leverage GABBs, and demonstrate, a science gateway built on HUBzero and GABBs with more than 9,000 users annually, as well as information on how to set up your own geospatial science gateway and the future direction of GABBs.

The Champions Tech Talk is scheduled for October 31 at 3pm ET -- 2pm CT -- 1pm MT -- noon PT. Message if you would like to attend.

For more information about the GABBs Project, visit:

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