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Teresa Howard

MultiSpec Error13: Tutorial 5, section 5.1.1

Hi, Larry and team,

I have a group of summer interns who are working their way through the MultiSpec tutorials using the online version of the software.

Two of them, plus myself, have generated an error 13 while  following directions in Section 5.1.1 of Tutorial 5 to open the L& bands of LE7_20000606_lndy_subset_Bn.tif, where n = band number. The error states: can't open file '/data/tools/multispec/tutorial5_files/LE7_20000606_lndy_subset_B1.tif' (error 13: Permission denied). Is that particular dataset not available? or is it a permissions setting.

Up to this point, tutorials have gone smoothly.


Teresa Howard

UT Center for Space Research and TexasView

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    Larry Biehl

    Hi Teresa,

    Thanks for making me aware of this. The problem should be corrected. There permissions for these files were not correct. I could read them with my account but not others.

    Let me know if you are still experiencing problems.


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