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Bulk downloads

This is a great tool! However, for some users it may be simpler to provide a secure ftp or tsd with the raw files.


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  1. Lan Zhao

    Thanks for your feedback!

    Currently users can click the "Download Raw Data" button to download the original crop data directly after fetching the data from the remote data repository using the "Fetch Data" button on the "Download" tab. Users can also download the aggregation result directly using the "Download output file" button on the "Aggregate" tab.

    If these do not meet your need, please let us know in more detail your use case and we will see if we can implement it in our next release.

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    1. Luciana Porfirio

      Thanks! I've been doing that. But for example, I'd like to do an ensemble for maize, for 4 crop models, all GCMs and all RCPs,  that's a lot of fetching and downloading.

      I'd be great if I could click on all the crop models, GCM and RCP I want at once and download all the files at the same time.

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