MyGeohub FORGE

Tool Development

Welcome to MyGeohub FORGE, the tool development area of MyGeohub. The following pages are maintained by the various owners of each tool. Many of these tools are available as Open Source, and you can download the code via Subversion from this site. Some tools are closed source at the request of the authors, and only a restricted development team has access to the code. See each tool page for details.

Available Tools

Title Alias Status
Active Learning Tool act closed source
AgMIP Tool: A GEOSHARE tool for aggregating... agmip open source
AgMIP Data Aggregator Tool agmipagg open source
AgMIP GlobalEcon Data Explorer agmipex open source
AgMIP GEOSHARE Tool with Python Maps Library Demo agmipmaps open source
AgMIP GlobalEcon Data Submission Tool agmipsub open source
AgMIP GlobalEcon Data Submission agmipup open source
Agromet Data Base Management agrometdatabas closed source
Active Learning Modeler Tool almt closed source
B4 CN Grid Number Creation Tool b4cngrid open source
CyclingTool benfeddersen closed source
Common Filesystem Access cfa open source
Climate Scenario Aggregator climatetool open source
crop calendar tool cropcalendar open source
HydroModule cthydromodule2 open source
Tool for Plotting Streamflow and Flow Duration... customtool open source
Water Deficit Viewer deficitviewer closed source
Download National Elevation Dataset DEM downloadned open source
Erich's Demo Tool e2048 closed source
Hydrograph and FDC Plotting Tools eismahdfctool open source
FLAT: Fine-scale Land Allocation Tool flat open source
General Algebraic Modeling System gams closed source
GABBs Maps Library gbsmaps closed source
SIMPLE Model Tool gempack closed source
Demo 1 for Geographic Data Explorer geoexplordemo1 open source
Demo 2 for Geographic Explorer Tool geoexplordemo2 open source
Demo 3 for Geographic Data Explorer geoexplordemo3 open source
Demo 4 for Geographic Data Explorer geoexplordemo4 open source
Geographic Data Explorer geoexplorer open source
Geospatial Modeler geomodeler closed source
GeoViewer geoviewer closed source
Demo 1 for GeoVis Render Server geovisdemo1 open source
Demo 2 for GeoVis Render Server geovisdemo2 open source
Global Gridded Crop Model Evaluation Tool ggcmevaluation closed source
Global Gridded Crop Model Evaluation Tool with... ggcmmaps closed source
Graphical User Interface for the California... guicalfews open source
Hydrograph and FDC Plotting Tool3 hdfctooljibin open source
Hydrograph and FDC Plotting Tool-Tao hdtooltao open source
Hydrograph and Plotting Tool hfdcankit open source
Hydrograph and FDC Plotting Tool hfdctool open source
Hydrograph and FDC plotting tool by liang hfdctoolliang open source
hubcheck parameter passing tool hppt open source
Hydrograph and Flow Duration Curve Plotting Tool2 hydfdctool2 open source
HydroGlobe tools for automatic extraction and... hydroglobe closed source
Hydroglobe Tool hydroglobetool closed source
LandUse_NLCD_Download hydrolanduse open source
iData Geobuilder Tool idatageobuilder closed source
iData Packaging Tool idatapackager open source
Unidata IDV Tool idv closed source
Indiana Precipitation Explorer incip open source
Metadata Exporter isometadata open source
JDI-Precipitation Viewer jdiviewer closed source
Jupyter Notebook jupyter closed source
Jupyter Notebook with Anaconda 2020.11 jupyter70 closed source
Jupyter Lab jupyterlab closed source
Kevin's Testing Tool kevdevtool open source
Marker Set markerset open source
MG 1600 mg1600 closed source
Hydrography mtool1 open source
MultiSpec multispec open source
Pascal Test Tool pascaltest open source
test for Pascal pascaltest2 open source
Photo2Building photo2bldg closed source
Photo 2 Building photo2building closed source
PIOT hub for Automated Generation of Regional... piotpy closed source
Plant Phenotyping Data plantphenodata open source
PyMapLib Tutorial Tool pymaplibtool open source
Weather Data Explorer pywintx open source
Raster Processing Tool rastertest closed source
Raster Invoke Tool rastertool closed source
RHSeg rhseg closed source
RStudio rstudio open source
RWater rwater open source
Erich Test Rwater rwater9 closed source
Root Zone Water Quality Model rzwqm2 closed source
SboxN15 sbox closed source
SIMPLE-G simpleg open source
Simple-G US Jupyter Notebook simplegus open source
Simple Python project on mygeohub simpletest closed source
SIMPLE-G US Web Application simpleus open source
SIMPLE-US Community account version simpleustest closed source
Simsphere simsphere closed source
SPAM in the Clouds spam closed source
St. Ursula Academy by Jackie Kane suajk open source
SubmitR submitr closed source
SuperPower superpower closed source
Flow Extent Viewer swatviewer closed source
testing the Hydrograph Plotting tool asj testingtoolasj open source
testtoolqlong testtoolqlong open source
testing the Hydrograph Plotting tool tooltestasj open source
Web Leaflet Map Tool webleaflet closed source
RZWQM Tool winetest closed source
Workspace workspace open source
Workspace 10 workspace10 closed source
zooarchGUI zooarchgui closed source