By Larry Biehl1, Abdur Rahman Maud1, Wei-Kang Hsu1

1. Purdue University

Image processing application to display and analyze geospatial images

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Archive Version 0.947
Published on 27 Apr 2015
Latest version: 3.51. All versions

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MultiSpec is an image processing tool to display and analyze geospatial images. It is currently a small subset of the Macintosh and Windows application with the same name. More information can be found at this site.

Tutorials on using the Processor->Display Image menu item are at:

    - Tutorial 1. Basic display of images.

    - Tutorial 2. Image enhancement features.

A tutorial on using the Processor->Cluster menu item is at: 

    - Tutorial 3. Unsupervised Classification. ("Blinking" classes in thematic image not implemented.)

A tutorial on overlaying shape files onto image windows is at:

    - Tutorial 6. Overlay Shape Files on Image Window. (Ability to change line color & width not implemented.)

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