Weather Data Explorer

By Jaewoo Shin1, Lan Zhao1, Carol Song1

1. Purdue University

An interactive application for accessing and visualizing Winter Weather Database (Wintx) for the INDOT areas

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Version 1.3.1 - published on 02 Sep 2016

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The Weather Data Explorer is an interactive application to visualize meteorological data. The current version presents the INDOT Winter Weather Data Indices.  This tool allows users to query the Winter Weather database (for the INDOT areas) by selecting a date/time range, an area of interest, an aggregation function (or animation of time series data values), a variable, etc. and visualize the selected dataset on  a map. The user may pause and resume a time series animation, take a snapshot of a particular display, download the image and data pertinent to the selected data. 

About the Weather Data Explorer Software -- The WDE application uses the Wintx library (for accessing the winter weather data) and the GABBS Python Map Library (pyMapLib) for displaying map layers in the tool dynamically The Wintx library was created  to store and process a massive number of weather variables and can be expanded to handle other types of multidimensional datasets. The open source PyMapLib, developed by the GABBS project team (, makes it easy for non-GIS expert to generate and compose map layers with interactive controls within a HUBzero workspace tool. The PyMapLib has been built on QGIS and Open Street Map. 

Graphical user interface was created by:

Jaewoo Shin

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