Indiana Stream Flow Data

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) daily streamflow dataset was utilized in this dataset. Streamflow data are subjected to human interference, and therefore data contain both natural and regulated flows. This practice does not cause serious problems in flood frequency analysis (flows are much larger), but it is expected to result in more errors for low flow (drought) conditions. Therefore, only unregulated stations were included to ensure an unbiased analysis. After imposing the 50-year record length requirement, a total of 36 unregulated stations were available for the study area (shown below). Daily mean flow data were collected and processed to form monthly mean discharges. The data format of the input files is:
  • Station name
  • Latitude (Decimal degrees NAD27)
  • Longitude (Decimal degrees NAD27)
  • Gauge Datum (in feet above the sea level NGVD29)
  • UTMX
  • UTMY
  • Type of Station (Regulated - O, Unregulated - X)
  • HUC Number
  • Data (Arranged Month-wise Jan-Dec)
Missing data points for any month is given a value of -99.