CRU TS 2.1

CRU TS 2.1
CRU TS 2.1

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  • Mitchell, T.D., 2004: An improved method of constructing a database of monthly climate observations and associated high resolution grids

The CRU TS 2.1 data-set comprises 1224 monthly grids of observed climate, for the period 1901-2002, and covering the global land surface at 0.5 degree resolution. There are nine climate variables available: daily mean, minimum and maximum temperature, diurnal temperature range, precipitation, wet day frequency, frost day frequency, vapor pressure and cloud cover. It was New et al (2000) who were responsible for the original high-resolution (0.5 degree) climate grids (CRU TS 1.0) and an update to 1998 (CRU TS 1.1). Mitchell et al (2004) revised these grids and updated them to 2000 (CRU TS 2.0). See the table for more details of those data-sets. This data-set revises and extends those data-sets. The grids have been recalculated for 1901-2002, following a complete revision of the underlying station databases and using an improved method. Users should not mix these grids with previous grids.
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  • Weighted average
    This tool uses spatial data on precipitation, harvested area, yields, and prices to calculates country-level, production value-weighted averages of precipitation during globally defined growing seasons (Lobell and Field, 2007). Production values are obtained by multiplying maps on harvested area times yields times prices. The tool combines GIS and statistical software (GRASS and R).
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