Stream Deficit Viewer

The stream flow deficit viewer depicts drought state of streams in Indiana using Joint deficit Index (JDI) developed by Kao and Govindaraju (2010). The viewer also shows the probability of recovering an existing drought state. The JDI is a copula based probabilistic drought index to describe the overall drought status of streams, reflecting both emerging and prolonged droughts. The viewer classifies drought state of a stream into five categories – Dry, Moderate, Severe, Extreme and Exceptional (D0-D4), each having a distinct color code. Absence of color indicates a no drought condition.

The following parameters are to be selected:

  1. A streamguage station in Indiana of which you want to see the drought indices
  2. Period of interest (as a default, results are arranged in 3 years blocks - for example, 1940-42, 1945-47, etc.)
  3. Time window of drought (ranging from 1 to 12 months)