Metadata for Harvested Area and Yields of 175 crops (M3-Crops Data)

By Jake R Carlson

Purdue University

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This data collection is composed of land use data sets, generated by combining national, state, and county level census statistics along with a global data set of croplands from countries around the world for the year 2000. The resulting land use data sets depict circa the year 2000 the area(harvested) and yield of 175 distinct crops of the world The data are provided in NetCDF and ArcGIS ASCII format at 5 minute resolution in latitude by longitude. The NetCDF files have 4 levels (ArcGIS files only have the 1st two levels; contact the "technical contact" if you want the other two levels), as follows: Level 1 = Harvested Area (unit = proportion of grid cell area). Note that values can be greater than 1.0 because of multiple cropping. Level 2 = Yield (unit = tons per ha). Levels 3 and 4 = Administrative levels from which the source data in levels 1 and 2 come from respectively. In levels 3 and 4, a value of 1 = county; .75 = state; .5 = interpolated from within 2 degrees lat/long; .25 = country; 0 = missing. The data are more fully described in the following article: Monfreda et al. (2008), "Farming the planet: 2. Geographic distribution of crop areas, yields, physiological types, and net primary production in the year 2000", Global Biogeochemical Cycles, Vol.22, GB1022, doi:10.1029/2007GB002947

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