Workshop Details

23 May 2011
8:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Burton Morgan Center, Discovery Park

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Sponsored by the Global Policy Research Institute and hosted by the Purdue Climate Change Research Center and the Purdue Center for Global Food Security, this one-day workshop will bring together interested participants to discuss the use of geospatial data for analysis of the global agricultural system.

The objectives of the workshop are to:

  • provide a venue for exchange of information among leading researchers about what data are currently available (or attainable in the near term) and which pressing research and policy questions can be addressed with the data flowing out of this type of global spatial data base infrastructure,
  • discuss issues of institutional design and the long-run sustainability of a shared, global, spatial database architecture, and
  • define the broad technical and operational details of the GEOSHARE project.


For information about the workshop, contact Rose Filley:; (765) 496-3211.