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GLASS - Sustainable Agriculture and Use of the World’s Land and Water Resources in the 21st Century



GLASS project kick off meeting was held on May 11, 2017

Purdue University Discovery Park has announce that PI Tom Hertel's proposal "Managing the Global Commons: Sustainable Agriculture and Use of World’s Land and Water Resources" have been selected as one of the winners of the Big Idea Challenges. The program supports teams of Purdue faculty and students pursuing solutions for global health, security and sustainability issues. Read more here.



  • Establish flagship examples of research highlighting tradeoffs and synergies associated with policies tackling the sustainable developement goals
  • Produce policy briefs and other actionable recommendations for achieving the sustainable development goals
  • Create the infrastructure and open-source tools necessary to develop a self-sustainable community of researchers, partner organizations, and funders


  • Sustainability is a local concept with global significance
  • Global forces drive local (un)sustainability
  • Local responses to individual stresses can have global consequences



  • Laura Bowling: Hydrology
  • Matt Huber: Climate science
  • Keith Cherkauer: Climate impacts on crops
  • Tom Hertel: Global trade and sustainability
  • David Johnson: Policy design, implementation
  • Dominique van der Mensbrugghe: Climate mitigation, IAMs
  • Uris Baldos: Economic Modeling
  • Carol Song: Community Infrastructure


  • Investors seeking to understand future infrastructure needs
  • Local communities developing climate adaptation projects and assessing risk management options
  • National policy makers evaluating the consequences of local actions, including trade-offs and adaptation options
  • Scientific community of practice compiling a shared repository of boundary conditions, data and scenarios to mediate between global and local studies