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June 8, 2016
What to expect from corn planted in late-May (MSU Extension)

June 1, 2016
On the Ground: SDSU Extension Specialists Have Vital Role In Bringing Data To Producers (Growing South Dakota Magazine)

May 31, 2016
Climate data tools for informed decisions (USDA)

May 26, 2016
One-stop website for interactive weather tools (Successful Farming

May 24, 2016
Effect Of Delayed Planting On Corn Yield: Planting Date By Maturity Interaction (

May 23, 2016
Prokopy selected for Purdue's Spirit of Land-Grant Mission Award (Purdue Extension)

May 23, 2016
Grab a La Niña 'Summer Sneak Peek' with this interactive tool (Ag Professional)

May 23, 2016
Are you ready for La Nina? (RFD TV)

May 20, 2016
Effect of delayed planting on corn yield: Planting date by maturity interaction (K-State Agronomy)

April 18, 2016
Universities offer ag climate models on free website (Farm Week Now)

April 13, 2016
Transition to La Nina climate pattern takes months (Minnesota Farm Guide)

April 12, 2016
Corn Growing Degree Day Tool (Illinois State Climatologist)

April 6, 2016
Concerned about planting corn? There is a tool for that. (Illinois State Climatologist)

March 31, 2016
Warmer growing season forecast, raising varied issues (Tri-State Neighbor)

March 10, 2016
New, Free Online Tools Help Farmers Plan (Illinois C-BMP)

March 8, 2016
Weather setting up for yields like last year (AgriNews)

February 20, 2016
Understanding weather patterns can get you ahead in the fields (Farm and Dairy)


Oct 28, 2015
Corn Split N Tool (Pork Network)

Oct 27, 2015
Indiana Corn: Online Nitrogen Management Tool Updated (AG Fax)

Oct 21, 2015
Useful to Usable Corn Split N decision support tool now available in all 12 Corn Belt states (High Plains/Midwest Ag Journal)

Oct 15, 2015
Useful to Usable Corn SplitN Decision Support Tool Now Available in All 12 Corn Belt States (Conservation Training Program)

Sept 5, 2015
Wet fall expected from El Niño (Tri-State Neighbor)

Aug 31, 2015
Many methods to collect farm data (High Plains/Midwest Ag Journal)

Aug 27, 2015
Researcher: Existing models can forecast crop yields in uncertain years (

Aug 26, 2015
Existing crop models can forecast yield in uncertain climate conditions (Imperial Valley News)

Aug 26, 2015
U2U survey provides insight into farmers across 22 watersheds (Farmers Advantage)

July 30, 2015
Corn Development: Late July 2015 (NDSU Crop & Pest Report)

July 28, 2015
Missouri agribusiness experts get the latest on weather and crops (KOMU)

July 14, 2015
What will cool season mean for corn? (Morning Ag Clips)

July 13, 2015
What will a cool, 2015 growing season mean for corn? (MSU Extension)

July 8, 2015
How Late Can I Replant Corn? (Ag Professional)

June 29, 2015
How Late is Too Late to Replant Corn? (Strip Till Farmer)

June 25, 2015
How Late Can I Replant Corn? (Chat n Chew Cafe)

June 24, 2015
Maqui berry farmers track growing degree days in addition to calendar for crop progress (News List Online)

June 23, 2015
Farmers track growing degree days as well as calendar for crop progress (West Central Tribune)

June 23, 2015
Growing degree days are crucial for area farmers (Grand Forks Herald)

June 22, 2015
Heating units influence farming decisions (Ag Week)

June 19, 2015
Tracking Growing Degree Days for Corn Using Online Tool (iGrow)

June 8, 2015
Delayed Planting and Replant Corn (AgriGold)

June 7, 2015
FARM & FIELD: Farmers weigh switch to earlier corn hybrids or soybean (WKOW)

June 5, 2015
Heat Unit Impact on Early Corn Growth (Illini FS)

June 1, 2015
With 15% of Corn Unplanted, Farmers Weigh Switch to Earlier Hybrids or Soybeans (Edd's Supplies, Inc.)

May 31, 2015
DWith 15 percent of corn unplanted, farmers weigh switch to earlier hybrids or soybean (Drovers Cattle Network)

May 29, 2015
With 15 percent of corn unplanted, farmers weigh switch to earlier hybrids or soybean (Missouri Extension Now)

May 29, 2015
Delayed corn planting affects crop management decisions (Ag Professional)

May 27, 2015
Delayed Corn Planting Affects Crop Management Decisions (Missouri IPM)

May 27, 2015
Hybrid maturities for delayed planting (Ag Professional)

May 25, 2015
Temperature and its effects on corn emergence (Farm Industry News)

May 22, 2015
Effect of delayed planting on corn yield (K-State Extension)

May 20, 2015
Free Corn Growing Degree Day (GDD) Decision Support Tool (Univ. Of Illinois Extension)

May 20, 2015
Hybrid Maturities for Delayed Planting (Chat n Chew)

May 17, 2015
Corn Replanting Considerations — May 2015 (Crop Watch)

May 15, 2015
How Temperature Affects Corn Emergencee (No-Till Farmer)

May 12, 2015
Growing Degree Units and Corn Emergence (Crop Watch)

May 7, 2015
Growing Degrees Days Needed for Corn to Emerge (Crop Tech Cafe)

May 1, 2015
Using Corn Growing Degree Day Tool (Nebline)

Apr 24, 2015
Dry weather should help South Dakota corn crop start earlyy (Washington Times)

Apr 22, 2015
Emergence well underway (Univ. Of Illinois Extension)

Apr 2, 2015
Steady rotation: Farmers more focused on inputs in 2015 (Missouri Farmer Today)

Apr 2, 2015
Purdue climate tool lets you see impact of past El Nino events (Indiana Prairie Farmer)

Mar 28, 2015
Tool helps farmers assess climate impact (Agri-News)

Mar 27, 2015
New U2U tool helps farmers understand impact of global climate patterns (Drovers CattleNetwork)

Mar 24, 2015
New U2U tool helps farmers understand impact of global climate patterns (

Mar 24, 2015
New tool offers insights into global climate patterns (Ohio's Country Journal)

Mar 24, 2015
Online tools help with management decisions (Reporter.Net)

Mar 19, 2015
Website combines climate-based tools (Missouri Farmer Today)

Mar 19, 2015
Website combines climate-based tools (Iowa Farmer Today)

Mar 5, 2015
El Niño is here! What does it mean for the High Plains? (HPRCC News)

Feb 20, 2015
Study: Farmers and scientists divided over climate change (Agri News)

Feb 27, 2015
Research explores ag advisers' ability to communicate climate info (UNL Today)

Feb 2015
Free online tool helps growers with nitrogen application decisions (OSU Extension | Perry County)

Jan 28, 2015
What Do Farmers Think About Climate Change? (Scientific American)

Jan 28, 2015
The difficult art of communicating climate change to farmers (ClimateWire)

Jan 14, 2015
Specialists: Take a hard look at split N for corn (Farm World)

Jan 2, 2015
New Tool Helps Farmers Plan and Apply Nitrogen In Order to Maximize Yields (Farm Direction)



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