GFI-3D: Global Forest Inventory Database with Single Measurement
GFI-3D: Global Forest Inventory Database with Single Measurement

Improve research impact

“Researchers from under-represented regions often have difficulties formulating their research, and increasing the scope and geographic coverage of their research… Science-i helps me overcome this obstacle.”

Agustinus Murdjoko

Universitas Papua

Greater worldwide connection

“There is a saying in Africa that what makes one rich is not physical money, but people connection…Science-i provides opportunities to collaborate… and connect with people at different levels… and is revolutionary in science.”

Blaise Jumbam

Purdue University

Increased diversity

“Science-i supports every scientist to express their own vision and share their experience in large-team collaborations.”

Nadezhda Tchebakova

V.N. Sukachev Forest Institute

Stronger research collaborations

“Science-i helps me get more data, know more experts, and be involved in more collaborations around the world…”

Cesar Alvarez

Universidad Politécnica Salesiana

We are an international research hub hyper-converged with earth-observation data, global expertise, and advanced cyberinfrastructure to accelerate science, by empowering underrepresented communities in global research and knowledge co-production.

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