SWATShare Simulation Troubleshooting Guide

If you encounter difficulties running simulations, check the following list. You may want to check simulation logs to get detailed error messages.

1. Check your input model file

  • Check your input model file if it contains all mandatory files. Please refer to the SWATShare User Manual (link).
  • Check if all files are valid, and follows the proper format.
    • Error message example (The file "pcp1.pcp" contains invalid number):
      At line 121 of file /home/waterhub/swat_build/SWAT/swat_src/src/pmeas.f (unit = 101, file = 'pcp1.pcp')
          Fortran runtime error: Bad value during floating point read


2. Check your observation file

  • The file format of the observation file is Comma Separated Values (CSV). All values must be separated by a comma (,), not a tab or a space.
  • Example:
    • The first line is a header containing reach/subbasin/hru IDs for which a streamflow/ET time-series will be used in calibration. (Sequential, low->high)
    • Rest of the lines contains observed variables. The first column is a No. of data points.
  • Check the filename. The format of a filename is "obs_[output file]_[objective variable].csv". E.g., "obs_rch_streamflow.csv", "obs_sub_ET.csv".
  • The length of the observed variable data must be matched to simulation time.
    • Error message example:
      ERROR: The length of simulated and Observed Streamflow do not match for outlet 8. Number of variables for simulated is 2557 and for observed is 1826 Edit file.cio simulation time to match provided observation length.