Due to a planned outage of the Data Depot storage service at Purdue University and its impact on the campus clusters, project files will not be accessible and tools may not function as expected between May 11 and May 13. close



Expected WaterHUB Capabilities

  • Decision tools for end users through a web browser interfaces
  • Support for tool development
  • User interfaces for tools and data applications, targeting research and public consumption of information
  • Large disk storage for datasets
  • Repository to store "scenarios" and an easy for users to search and find scenarios based on keywords
  • Track usage of tools, contributions, online presentations, training and educational material, etc.
  • Web browser access to the site's content by end users
  • Support user interaction, including an easy way for users to provide feedback, comment and rank contents and tools
  • Support potentially 10s of thousands of end users (e.g., farmers) making inquiries, browsing and downloading images, documents, and data
  • Support user profiles
  • Support online interactive tools and visualization delivered via web browser interfaces
  • Facilitate user contributed tools, learning material, online presentation, podcasts, course related materials (assignments, projects, lectures)
  • Work in progress to integrate large data management and access (being developed by DRINET hub)
  • Support user reviews, rating, tagging, and profiles
  • Support citation of contributions
  • Support collaboration through sharing of tools, data, and other contents, group space (wiki, forum)
  • Provide user support, including a ticket system, feedback, Q&A, knowledgebase, poll, etc.