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  1. GABBs Python Maps Library: PyMapLib

    09 Oct 2015

    As a part of the NSF funded Geospatial Data Analysis Building Blocks (GABBs) project, PyMapLib is designed as a generic framework for geospatial data visualization to support scientific computation and data tools. Based on a diverse set of use cases, the primary goal of PyMapLib is to lower the...

  2. GeoBuilder for Exploring Geospatial Data

    09 Sep 2014 | Tools

    Build interactive maps with layers of private or shared data.

  3. Global Croplands: A new dataset for year 2005

    27 Nov 2021 | Online Presentations

  4. iData Walkthrough

    09 Sep 2014 | Online Presentations

    This video demonstrates the features of the GABBs iData data management building block such as automatic metadata extraction and geospatial file preview. It also walks through how iData files can be used in both hub tools and publications. 

  5. IFPRI's Spatial Production Allocation Model (SPAM)

    27 Nov 2021 | Online Presentations

  6. Integrating HUBzero and iRODS: Geospatial Data Management for Collaborative Scientific Research (iRODS User Group Meeting, 2016)

    09 Sep 2014 | Downloads

    Geospatial data is now increasingly used with tools in diverse fields such as agronomy, hydrology and sociology to gain a better understanding of scientific data. Funded by the NSF DIBBS program, the GABBS project seeks to create reusable building blocks aiding researchers in adding geospatial...

  7. Integrating OPeNDAP With HUBzero

    09 Sep 2014 | Downloads

    The OPeNDAP data access protocol supports subsetting and aggregation of several geospatial data formats.Integration with HUBzero tools that support the OPeNDAP protocol enables them to only request file metadata and specific subsets of the file as required rather than store the entire file...

  8. International trade buffers the impact of future irrigation shortfalls

    27 Nov 2021 | Online Presentations


    27 Nov 2021 | Tools | Contributor(s): Lan Zhao, Carol Song, Larry Biehl

    A tool to aggregate cropland supply and land transformation elasticities

  10. MapBuilder

    09 Sep 2014 | Tools

    Construct interactive maps

  11. Mapping multiple cropping and irrigation in India

    27 Nov 2021 | Online Presentations

  12. Market-mediated environmental impacts of biofuels

    27 Nov 2021 | Publications | Contributor(s): Lan Zhao, Carol Song, Larry Biehl

    This paper surveys the evidence on market-mediated environmental impacts of biofuels, with special attention to the indirect greenhouse gas emissions stemming from land cover change in the wake of increased demand for biofuel feedstocks. We find clear evidence that market mediated land use...

  13. MyGeoHub Geospatial Gateway

    09 Sep 2014 | Publications

    MyGeoHub is a science gateway for researchers working with geospatial data. Based on the HUBzero cyberinfrastructure framework, it provides general-purpose software modules enabling geospatial data management, processing and visualization. Termed “GABBs” (Geospatial Data Analysis...

  14. MyGeoHub Semi Annual Newsletter June 2021

    10 Jun 2021 | Downloads

  15. PEGASUS (Predicting Ecosystem Goods And Services Using Scenarios)

    27 Nov 2021 | Tools | Contributor(s): Lan Zhao, Carol Song, Larry Biehl

    A GEOSHARE tool for conducting live simulations using PEGASUS (Predicting Ecosystem Goods And Services Using Scenarios)

  16. Predicting the Spatial Patterns of Land Conversion

    27 Nov 2021 | Online Presentations

  17. Proposed Institutional Design for GEOSHARE

    27 Nov 2021 | Online Presentations

  18. Remote Sensing Analysis on HUBzero

    09 Sep 2014 | Downloads

    MultiSpec is a remote sensing analysis tool being developed on as part of the Geospatial Analysis Building Blocks (GABBs) NSF-funded and the IndianaView/AmericaView USGS-funded projects. The tool has been adapted from the desktop Macintosh and Windows versions...

  19. SACI - A Cloud Based Real Time Sensor Data Management and Analysis Platform

    12 Nov 2020 | Online Presentations

    This is a recoding of Jaewoo's presentation and demo on SACI at the Gateways 2020 conference in October, 2020.

  20. SPAM in the Clouds

    03 Oct 2014 | Online Presentations