Getting Started with GLASSNET


All published content from the GLASSNET project, including papers, presentations, videos and other material, can be accessed publicly.  You will need to sign up for a free account in order to run any tools or access courses. Your account on will enable you to access various shared resources, including image processing and visualization tools and high performance computing systems. 

For a quick introduction of the GLASSNET project, check out this video from the director of the GLASSNET project.


Sign up for a free account and start running SIMPLE-G and other tools!

Explore open access data publications such as Historical Irrigation Dataset and use it in your research!

Run SIMPLE-G, AgMIP Data Aggregator and other GLASSNET tools online using the GLASS modeling and computation framework.



Learn to design your own project with SIMPLE and SIMPLE-G by taking our interdisciplinary online course!

Join the GLASSNET community by being a member of the GLASSNET.

Share your research and tools with the community!