Meeting the Global Sustainable Development Goals on a Changing Planet with Limited Land and Water Resources

Getting started


The cyberinstructure ( supports GLASS and other related sustainability research projects by providing advanced computing and data visualization resources. MyGeoHub is built on the core HUBzero platform augmented with the Geospatial Data Analysis Building Blocks (GABBs). It supports scientific collaborations by empowering end users to share scientific datasets, interactive tools and applications, and other contents such as presentations, courses, software and other downloadable digital assets. Users may also create their groups and projects among their collaborators to coordinate projects and share files. 

This platform supports:

  • geospatial data management 
  • interactive data analysis and visualization
  • high-performance and high-throughput computing
  • connection to advanced computing resources at Purdue and NSF XSEDE ecosystem
  • publication of tools, datasets, and other contents
  • digital object identifier (DOI) for publications (e.g., dataset)
  • teaching resources and course hosting
  • collaborative environment (groups, projects, forums, reviews)
  • technical support (via a built-in ticketing system)
  • usage tracking and reporting.

User guides are available at