Meeting the Global Sustainable Development Goals on a Changing Planet with Limited Land and Water Resources

Getting started


Managing the Global Commons: Sustainable agriculture and use of the world's land and water resources in the 21st Century
April 2-3, 2020
The GLASS team will host this conference at Purdue University (More details here)

The 2018 Conference on Long Run Sustainability of US Agriculture,  September 17, 2018
Dr. Thomas Hertel (Purdue University) will host this conference at the National Press Club, Washington DC (More details here)

Sustainability and Development Conference, November 9-11, 2018, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, MI. 
Dr. David Johnson of Purdue University is the organizer and facilitator of the "A3. Open-Source Analysis of SDGs at the Food-Water-Energy Nexus Using Global, Gridded Modeling" workshop (More details here).

Jan 3-4, 2018, USDA-AFRI Long Run Sustainability Project All Hands Meeting, Purdue University

January 4, 2018, Mellon Workshop on Nitrate Leaching, Purdue University

The GLASS team will organize a Purdue/Mellon Foundation Grand Challenges workshop on nitrate leaching in the Corn Belt in the afternoon of January 4, 2018 at Purdue University.

October 11-13, 2017, Impacts World 2017, Potsdam, Germany

The GLASS team will organize a workshop on University engagement with SDGs: Tom and Carol are giving oral presentations, Jon is presenting a poster and Matt is discussion opener. More details here.