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Carol Song
 (PI and Project Director, Purdue University)

Carolyn Ellis (project manager, Purdue University)

Betsy Hillery  (project manager, Purdue University)

Venkatesh Merwade (CoPI, Hydrology)

Nelson Villoria (CoPI, Agricultural Economics, Kansas State University)

Larry Biehl (CoPI, Image Processing, Geospatial Data)

Lan Zhao (Data Management/Processing, Geospatial Apps)

Leif Delgass (Geospatial Rendering, Hubzero)

Derrick Kearney (Rappture, Hubzero)

Rob Campbell (Data Components)

Rajesh Kalyanam (Data Services)

Hou-Jen Ko (Software Development)

Jaewoo Shin (Weather Application)

Adnan Rajib (Hydrologic Applications)

Michael Zentner (Hubzero Director)

Lui Zhu


Visiting Scholar

Dr. Eric Wei Wan


Student interns (2016)

Arjun Bagla, Computer Science, Purdue

  • Integrating OPeNDAP with HUBzero (poster)

Ian Campbell, Computer Science, Purdue

  • Developing the Geographical Data Explorer (GeoBuilder) 
  • Enhancing the Fine-scale Land Allocation Tool (FLAT)

Lingkun Ou, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue

  • Augmenting MultiSpec Software Infrastructure  (poster)

Abilene Perez, Computer Graphics Technology, Purdue

  • Usability Research on GeoBuilder (poster)

Bekmurat Spayev, Computer Science, Purdue

  • Prototype of a mobile data collection application


Former Team Members

Mike McLennan (HUBzero lead. Now in Google Fiber)

George Howlet (Rappture, HUBzero)

Kevin Colby (Project manager)