MultiSpec Online Updates

MultiSpec Online was updated on 3/31, 4/22 and on 5/14. A new feature is the ability to covert thermal image data to radiant temperature as long as the K1 and K2 constants are known for the sensor. (In Transform Data... dialog box in Processor->Reformat->Change Image File Format processor). Defaults are given for the Landsat 5, 7 and 8 sensors. Users are encouraged to verify that the defaults are representative for the image data they are using. Another new feature is the ability to save and load transformation matrices generated by the Principal Component or Feature Extraction processors.

Other changes are in response to issues that users found during their use of MultiSpec for their research or class assignments such as handling some EPSG codes, using NWFE algorithm in the Feature Extraction processor, saving ECHO Field & Class image files, and properly displaying equal area and gaussian image enhancement stretches for 1-channel thematic images with 32-bit integer, 32-bit & 64 bit real data values.

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